Butterfly Farm: A Breeding Ground

Costa Rica | | December 11, 2010

Located in the Alajuela valley, Costa Rica, Butterfly Farm is a famous for a breeding ground of different type of butterflies. The Farm is situated at about a distance of 500 meters from Los Reyes Club. A guided tour of about 2-hours is provided by the authorities. One can have a unique experience of watching thousands of colorful butterflies. The farm was opened in 1990. It was first farm in Central America that had live-exhibits of the beautiful butterflies. The farm was the brainchild of Joris and his wife Maria. Together, they developed Kepepeo project that laid the foundation of this farm. Costa Rica has the maximum number of butterflies in the world, hence attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world.

The tour of the farm is different in each season; it depends entirely on the climatic conditions and breeding habits of butterflies. The tourists with accommodations at San Jose are picked up and guided into Butterfly Farm where thousands of butterflies can be seen fluttering. The guide explains about the life-cycle of these lovely creatures. Some of the tourists that can manage early in the morning are able watch butterflies coming out of their pupa. Many of these pupae are also used for exportation to other parts of the world. A butterfly gift shop present in the vicinity offers a number of gifts and books related to natural history.

The tropical garden is the breeding and mating place of these insects. One can have the chance to see them mating, giving birth to new ones. One can even touch their legs, tender them gently. The tourist guide explains about the role of butterflies in life-cycle, their importance for nature. Many of these creatures lay their eggs on some specific trees which act as a host to them. Some of the butterflies in the farm are unique as they mimic eyes like an owl; many of the pupae mimic head of a snake to scare the predators.

Of about 20,000 species of butterflies found in world, about 5% are inhabitants of Costa Rica. The screening of films based on their life –cycle and ecology is also a part of the tour. A number of other butterfly farms have been opened in Montverde and near San Jose. Montverde has four gardens and 3 greenhouses. The farm provides education on environment. La Paz Waterfall Garden is a laboratory in itself as it thousands of species are allowed to breed here naturally.  A few species that can be seen here are Papillo thoas; Heliconious erato; Heliconious hecale, Greta oto etc The Guacima Butterfly Farm, located near Santa Maria airport is one of the most popular farms. This is done not only to attract more tourists but also to preserve the ecological cycle. Manuel Antonio Farm is a botanical garden that preserves the butterflies naturally.

The Butterfly Farm daily tour has four slots, the first beginning at 8:45 in the morning and last at 3:00 in afternoon. The private bus service is provided three times a day. But one wants to avail public transport, buses can be taken from Alajuela and San Jose.The entry ticket costs $ 25 for adults and $13 for children.

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